About FELM


Felm´s work aims to promote human dignity and justice around the world. The Christian message of hope, faith and neighbourly love has been the cornerstone of our work for almost 160 years.  We currently work in 30 countries with more than 100 partner churches and organisations.

We strive for positive and permanent change in developing countries, aiming to help build a world where everyone’s voice is heard. We live and work at grassroots level together with local people, building fruitful partnerships within local communities.

Felm is an internationally active organisation that works under the Finnish Lutheran Church. As one of the largest Finnish civil society organisations working in global development we are a key partner organisation for Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 

Hope. Partnership. Change.

Our values

  • Partnership
  • Love of neighbour
  • Responsibility
  • Justice

Felm Strategy 2017-2022: Roadmap of Hope

Felm Annual Report 2015

Felm Code of Conduct

Felm's Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy

Felm's Development Cooperation Programme 2011-2016

Felm's International Church Cooperation Programme 2013-2016

Human rights policy of Felm

Peace and reconciliation policy of Felm

Economic justice policy of Felm



Contact information



Executive Director
Rev. Rolf Steffansson
Tel. +358 43 824 0649

International Department

Deputy Director, International Cooperation
Tero Norjanen, M.Sc.Soc.
Tel. +358 40 764 8229

Director, Development Cooperation
Mari Tuohimaa, M.Sc.Econ.
Tel. +358 40 176 2944

Director, Church Cooperation
Pia Kummel-Myrskog, M.Th., M.Sc.
Tel. +358 40 358 6547

Finance Department

Juha Savela, M.Sc. (Econ), LL.B.
Tel. +358 50 5408 194

Department for Administration and Personnel

Tarja Larmasuo, LL.M.
Tel. +358 40 451 4534

Department for Parish Relations

Rev. Satu Kantola
Tel. +358 40 727 7410

Department for Communication and Fundraising

Iiris Kivimäki, M.Th., M.A.
Tel. +358 50 582 6396

Board of Trustees

Chairperson of the Board
Bishop Matti Repo