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Kirkollinen työ Church cooperation Kehitysyhteistyö Development cooperation Kummityö Child sponsor program


Felm began working in China over 100 years ago.  During this time, China has become the world’s most populous country and experienced many social changes, including a Communist revolution. Since the 1980s, China has opened up and become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This has led to rapid development, particularly in the larger cities. However, rural areas of remain poor.

Felm works in cooperation with Christian councils, churches, theological seminaries, and Christian non-governmental organizations in the Chinese region. Felm also supports a wide range of social work including special education for persons with disabilities and special needs.

In Mainland China, Felm partners with China Christian Council and the Amity Foundation. Through the China Christian Council, Felm supports Nanjing and Yunnan theological seminaries as well as the Changsha Bible school. Felm also supports theological training in Dali and Baoshan Bible schools in Yunnan province. Felm supports the drug rehabilitation work done by the Yunnan Christian Council in Baoshan and Ruili. The Ruili project is conducted in cooperation with the Hong Kong Christian Council.

In Hong Kong we partner with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, the Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies.  The Hong Kong Lutheran Theological Seminary trains pastors and other church workers and teachers.  The students represent many denominations from different parts of East and Southeast Asia.  The seminary has links with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong and cooperates with theological seminaries and Bible schools in Mainland China. Felm provides scholarships to Chinese and Southeast Asian students studying at the Hong Kong Lutheran Theological Seminary.



Amity Foundation is a Chinese non-governmental organization established by local Christians. Felm partners with Amity Foundation to support the development of impoverished areas and advancing the welfare of vulnerable population groups. In the past years, Felm’s development projects in China received official development funding from the government of Finland. However, the Finnish government’s recent cuts to development aid mean that these government-funded Felm projects will end after 2016.

Felm continues to support bilingual deaf education in Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, and Sichuan provinces. Felm also supports special education for autistic children in Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces. Felm supports a capacity building project in Jiangsu. In Hunan and Xi’an Felm supports HIV/AIDS awareness projects. Felm sends volunteers through the Amity Foundation to work as English teachers in Mainland China.

After more than 40 years of cooperation, Ling Oi drug rehabilitation services were transferred from Felm to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong in April 2014. Felm continues to support Ling Oi and its outreach program. Together Felm and Ling Oi assist in the development of Christian drug rehabilitation programs in Mainland China.



FELM supports schools mostly in the Hunan Province but some schools in Baokang region are also supported. The children sponsored go to regular primary schools or to special schools for children with hearing difficulties and with varying levels of disabilities. It is also possible to support vocational training.