Kirkollinen työ Church Work 


Christianity, Islam and Judaism meet in Israel.  FELM’s work in the country aims to promote peace and reconciliation at the grassroots level and, additionally, to work as a bridge-builder and meeting place for the various ethnic groups in the country.

FELM has worked in the area constituting modern-day Israel since 1924.

Proclamation work

FELM runs the Shalhevetjah Centre in Jerusalem which is open to all irrespective of national, religious or ethnic background. The activities of the centre aim to support peace: people with different types of background meet there. The centre is also an important meeting place for children and young people. Activities carried out at the Shalvetjah Centre include: family work, Bible teaching, Sunday services, diaconal work, choir practices, camps and various club activities.


FELM works, throughout Israel, with guest workers, especially those coming from Thailand.  There are tens of thousands of Asian immigrants working in the country, particularly in the agricultural sector. These migrants typically have very poor Hebrew and English language skills, meaning that it is difficult for them to demand that their rights be honoured. FELM workers, together with local NGOs, support migrant workers and, where necessary, act as interpreters in dealings with employers and local authorities.