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FELM has worked in Namibia for over 100 years. For many years the work was focused on Ovamboland, in the north of the country.
The population movement from rural areas to the cities and from the north to the south, following Namibian independence, has challenged the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Namibia (ELCN), FELM’s partner organisation in the country, to expand its activities to new areas. Currently, one quarter of the ELCN’s members live in cities.

Proclamation work

FELM supports the proclamation work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Namibia. Support is given to developing the Church’s music work, helping poorer congregations pay their workers and cover their costs and supporting the training of pastors and other church workers at the Paulinum Theological Seminary.


HIV and AIDS programme

The HIV and AIDS situation in Namibia is worrying. It is estimated that one fifth of the population are carrying the HIV virus. Namibia has the third highest HIV prevalence in the world.
There are numerous organisations carrying out HIV and AIDS work in Namibia. These organisations carry out awareness raising, train volunteer workers and take care of AIDS orphans. Various churches also have their own HIV and AIDS programmes.
FELM and ELCN belong to the CUAHA (Churches United in the Struggle Against HIV and AIDS) ecumenical network. The goal of the network is to make HIV and AIDS work an integral part of all church work, as well as being a means of networking between various organisations. CUAHA has organised several AIDS seminars in Africa.


ELCN is involved in various types of social work, mainly in the cities. With FELM support, ELCN has built three kindergartens in the poor Katutura area of Windhoek. This work also includes a pre-school, which cares for and feeds local children. On average 100-150 children got hot food three times a week through the programme.




Sponsorship work 

FELM sponsorship funds support the Nkurenkuru school and the Kavango Sixth-Form College. The Nkurenkuru School is the only source of secondary and sixth-form level teaching in the area. The school offers high quality teaching and the school’s dormitories are essential for those who need to travel a long way for school. Paying school fees is challenging for many families and, for this reason, FELM’s sponsorship funds are used to support those who are unable to pay.
FELM sponsorship funds are also used to support three kindergartens in the Katutura slum area of Windhoek. The kindergartens provide local children with stimulating activities, pre-school teaching and wholesome meals.