Palestinian territories and Jordan




Kirkollinen työ Church Work Kehitysyhteistyö Development cooperation Kummityö Child sponsorship

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has continued for several generations and complicates people’s lives in various ways. The Israeli West Bank barrier limits people’s freedom of movement preventing, for instance, Palestinians from travelling to work in Israel. Unemployment is a major problem in the Palestinian areas, which intensifies the already existing poverty.

The Middle East’s only Lutheran church is in the Palestinian territories. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land has around 2,000 members. Of the six congregations, one is in the Jordanian capital Amman and the other five are in the West Bank and Jerusalem.


FELM supports the diaconal work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJH). Church schools provide high quality education for local children, while one of the focuses of diaconal work is on caring for the elderly. In Ramallah there is a home care service for the elderly, which is run in collaboration with the Al Atta organisation. Through the service needy elderly people are provided with meals, help looking after their homes and health care.

FELM supports the activities of the Martin Luther Centre in Jerusalem. The centre provides a varied programme of activities for the elderly. FELM workers carry out diaconal work and work as contact persons for FELM’s sponsorship programme.

FELM has supported the Augusta Victoria hospital and Lutheran World Federation's vocational training program with development funding.

FELM has supported the development of ELCJH’s school network for a number of years. FELM development cooperation funds have helped finance the renovation and expansion of the Dar Al Kalima school in Bethlehem. FELM also supports an art and employment project for women in Bethlehem. The project trains women over a three year period in producing and selling their own art work.


Child sponsorship funds are used to support the education of children at the ELCJH’s schools in Jordan, Ramallah (Hope School), Bethlehem (Dar al Kalima School) and Beit Sahour. Sponsorship funds are used to support disadvantaged local children from the Christian as well as Muslim communities. Over 200 children are sponsored, with support being given chiefly to groups of children rather than individuals.

The Beit Sahour school focuses on art and vocational teaching, with a particular emphasis on practical subjects and creative teaching in workshops. Young people learn traditional handicrafts and, at the same time, learn to value their identity, traditions and community.

All the schools provide quality education that emphasizes, among others, art subjects, peace studies and environmental education. Children receive religious teaching according to their own religion. Both boys and girls are taught at the schools.