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South Africa, with the population of 50 million, has one of the most developed economies in the continent. A white minority government that enforced racial separation with apartheid-policy was ruling South Africa until the mid-1990’s. Afterwards, the new, democratically-elected government made major improvements on the wellbeing of South Africans. However, the progress has been slowing and the country’s dual economy enhances high inequality and exclusion among its people with high unemployment as a key challenge. In addition, HIV/AIDS infections remain as a health threat in the country.

Key words: Community-based rehabilitation, equalisation of opportunities, social inclusion

Implementing partner: CREATE (CBR Education & Training for Empowerment)

Project description:

The project aims to advance the rights of persons with disabilities in South Africa, in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, through the promotion and implementation of CBR as disability-inclusive development.

The project has two aims:

  1. Decision-makers, duty bearers, service providers, & disabled people’s organisations have increased knowledge & confidence to implement disability-inclusive development using the CBR matrix.
  2. Persons with disabilities & their families have increased knowledge, skills, & self-confidence to address their specific health & financial needs.