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Examples of Emergency Relief Work

Mauritania 2017: School rebuild after a storm – 20,000 €

Local storm caused a lot of damage in the Boghé region and injured people as well as damaged buildings and other infrastructure. Also 19 classrooms in nine villages were destroyed or damaged. In Bassikounou and Mberan refugee camps 518 dwellings and six schools were badly damaged. With support from Felm, 19 classrooms were rebuilt or fixed. In addition, 1,500 household received material support and other assistance. Fixing the schools benefitted 744 children, including 394 girls.

Colombia 2017: Flooding and mudslides – 30,000 €

After devastating flooding and mudslides in Colombia, Felm supported 150 families with food assistance and distributed school supplies to the children so they can carry on with their education. Families also received money for their immediate needs and purchased clothes and cooking utensils and supplies. Locals also took part in joint planning on how to improve their area and attended training on financial planning.

Nepal 2015: Earthquake – 140,000 €

Nepal experienced a devastating earthquake, which left lots of damage behind. Felm supported in building of 50 houses with better standards and trained the builders on safer techniques and methods. More than 20 dwellings were moved to the safer ground from areas prone to climate change and environmental disasters. Public toilets were built, which improved the village cleanliness and hygiene. Toilets were also accessible to persons living with disabilities.