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Church Cooperation

A joint message of hope

Together with our cooperation partners we share a mission to bear witness to God’s boundary-crossing love. Our work reflects Christian values in words, attitudes and ways of working.

What is Church Cooperation Work?

Our vision is that God’s love in Jesus Christ will be realized all over the world as joy, peace and justice.

We aim at strengthening hope. Our core mission is to call people and communities to share faith and new life in Christ.

Together with our partners, we look for answers to how we can bear common witness in today’s world. As equal partners in God’s mission we are committed to work responsibly towards our joint goals.

Our main values and ethical principals

Sharing the good news responsibly

In our work we are committed to the Recommendations for Conduct regarding Christian witness in a Multi-Religious World (WCC, Catholic Church, WEA).

Here it states that ‘it is a privilege and joy to give an accounting for the hope that is within us and to do so with gentleness and respect’. We offer equal respect and opportunity to all. We are conscious of the power dynamics involved in our work and use our position, power, and authority in non-exploitive ways.

Diakonia is unconditional

Our view of diakonia work is holistic, which means that all people are accepted and valuable as both givers and receivers of help.

The message of Christianity is that all people share the same human dignity, and therefore, diakonia cannot be conditional. No one needs to change or do anything to earn a place among those embraced by diakonia work.

Focus Areas


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