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We aim to build a just world

We work with our partners to strengthen the social position of vulnerable and marginalised people. Our advocacy focuses on promoting human rights, a just peace and economic justice.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy means affecting the decisions, policies and practices of decision-makers, duty-bearers, companies or other relevant institutions, and addressing the underlying causes perpetuating injustice or inequality. Our advocacy toolbox includes preparing reports and other publications, media presence, public awareness campaigns and engaging in dialogue with versatile stakeholders.

With our advocacy, we aim to change the legal, economic or discursive structures that perpetuate poverty and discrimination. Advocacy enhances the long-term results and impacts of our partners’ interventions at a local level. However, we also facilitate access to international decision-making forums for our partners.

We offer solutions and policy recommendations in a dialogue that is based on both academic research, as well as evidence gathered by our partners in the field:

  • Human rights advocacy strengthens the rights of the persons with disabilities and speakers of non-dominant languages, as well as the freedom of religion or belief.
  • Peacebuilding fosters the agency of women in their societies, the fair realisation of land rights and the recognition of and respect for human rights.
  • Economic justice aims at safeguarding the rights of minorities to their livelihoods, as well as enhancing corporate responsibility and strengthening the capabilities of states to finance services for marginalized communities.

Our partners

We conduct advocacy in dialogue with multiple civil society organisations through different campaigns and joint events. We are also active in the international ecumenical networks of the Lutheran World Federation, World Council of Churches and ACT Alliance. Moreover, we work in in dialogue with decision-makers and state officials towards our aims. In addition, we have found successful ways to conduct advocacy with progressive companies who share our passion for building a just and fairer world.

Read more about an  EU-funded advocacy and human rights project in Nepal that strived for a positive change in the lives of freed Haliyas, Nepal’s ex-bonded labourers, through an innovative mobile app.


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