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Development Cooperation

Right to a life with dignity

Based on Felm's values and principles, our development cooperation is built on advancing human rights and addressing the root causes of marginalization and injustice. Poverty is a human rights violation and its elimination demands actions from citizens as well as authorities and politicians.

Felm’s development cooperation programme 2022–2025 encompasses


Countries of operation


What is Development Work?

Felm’s development cooperation program 2022–2025 promotes the rights of people who face discrimination, advances social and economic justice, and builds peace and reconciliation. Through the program our work boosts empowerment, livelihoods, education, food security and equal opportunities for discriminated groups, communities, and societies. We aim to remove discriminatory structures, attitudes, and harmful practices, especially for women and girls as well as for persons with disabilities, for ethnic minorities and indigenous people and for youth. Felm also promotes climate change prevention, adaptation, and resilience, as well as builds capacity in disaster preparedness. In our disaster relief work, we respond and coordinate assistance through our partners.

In our work we pay special attention to:

  • Inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • Gender equality
  • Climate resilience
  • Low emission development

Partners and funding

Felm works in 9 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and with 24 partner organisations. Our partners are local churches, organisations, institutes and national bodies. We hold membership in various international development forums and we also partner with other international non-governmental organisations.

The major part of our funding comes from the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. We have also received funding from the European union. We receive funding from smaller donors too, such as church parishes, companies, trust funds and individual donors, who all make our work possible.

Project Countries




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