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Mauritania has a population of approximately 4 million, out of which half live under the poverty line. The major part of the country is in the Sahara Desert. Half of the population is dependent on agriculture or fishing. Children and especially girls face many challenges to participation in education. Climate change has caused increasing drought in Mauritania and food security, which was already challenging, is now threatened. Felm is the only Finnish NGO who works on development issues with the civil society of Mauritania.

Key words: Peer learning, capacity building, south-south cooperation, networking, civil society, innovation, climate change adaptation, resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction, women empowerment, income generation, minorities, vulnerable people, advocacy, solar energy

Implementing partner: Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Department for World Service (DWS) Participant programme in Mauritania: Integrated Community Development Programme (ICDP)

Project description:

REVES is a south-south peer learning project implemented in Mauritania and Senegal with the aim of strengthening civil societies in these countries. The capacities of the two implementing partners LWF Mauritania with its local partner organizations and the Lutheran Church of Senegal are being built through a variety of trainings, sharing innovations and learning from one another. In Mauritania the project advances the rights of discriminated and marginalized women and ethnic minorities.

Mauritania suffers heavily from the impacts of climate change and therefore the project aims at building climate change resilience and preparedness for disasters for the most vulnerable people. Through the project activities food security is improved, trainings are organised in agriculture and entrepreneurship, environmental protection is improved, and micro credits are provided to generate better income for people in the project areas. Communities are also trained and equipped in peace building and work against injustice in society.

Photos from Mauritania