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What is Felm?

Promoting human dignity and justice around the world

Felm (Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission) is a faith-based
organization working on a holistic misson: church cooperation,
development, peace and reconciliation and humanitarian aid. We work with local lutheran churches and NGOs in 24 countries around the world.

Felm is an agency of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELF)  for its international work. Felm currently works in 24 countries with almost 100 partner churches and organisations. As one of the largest Finnish civil society organisations working in global development Felm also receives funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the European Union.

Felm’s work aims to promote human dignity and justice around the world. The Christian message of faith, hope and neighbourly love has been the cornerstone of our work for over 160 years.

Felm and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland have signed a charter on Church’s Mission work for the period of 2018–2023. All the parishes of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland are members of Felm and take part in the organisation’s decision-making process in the Annual General Meeting. Every year some 400 participants from 300 parishes and member organisations participate in General Meeting held in May-June.

Towards Life and Justice – Felm’s Theological Foundation and Principles of Cooperation

Towards a Shared Vision – Report of the Felm Partners’ Consultation

Development work in Ethiopia.