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Global Networks

Felm’s development cooperation programme 2022–2025 includes a regional advocacy project which is carried out in East Africa: Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

Implementing partner: Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (EDAN)

Project description

Climate change effects are imminent in East Africa – erratic rain patterns and flash floods affect the population in every East African country. Women and girls with disabilities form a significant share, typically 10% female population. They are more affected by climate change because of poverty, lower education, and not being involved in political and household decision-making processes. The same group also face more violence and abuse than their peers. Healthcare facilities are often not accessible to persons with disabilities, and even less when it comes to sexual and reproductive health requirements.

The project development goal

Her Resilience Enabled -project aims to increase the climate resilience of women and girls with disabilities in particular by supporting disability organizations in Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania in efforts to impact climate change. Work will also continue in Tanzania to promote the sexual and reproductive health of women and girls with disabilities with the aim of inclusive health services.