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Felm Against Corruption

Good governance and high ethical standards

Felm Against Corruption acts as part of Felm’s anti-corruption work and supports it's risk management mechanism.

Why report?

Felm’s values are: Christian hope, neighbourly love, protection of human rights, reliability and transparency. These values build a strong base and reason for anti-corruption work and prevention in Felm.

One big priority in work of Felm is to support good governance and high ethics in Felm and its cooperation. The reporting mechanism acts as part of Felm’s anti-corruption work and supports its risk management mechanism.

When reporting is relevant?

Reporting is always relevant when there is suspicion or other reason to believe that corruption or an unethical act has occurred. Reporting does not necessarily require supporting evidence. Felm cannot encourage or approve the use of measures that might endanger the reporter’s safety or force the use of illegal actions.

Who can report?

Felm reporting link is targeted to anyone who has some connection (official or unofficial) to Felm funded cooperation or action either abroad or in Finland. The reporter may be a member of the civil society, a staff member of Felm or the partner organisation, a stakeholder or a member of some other funding organisation operating in Finland or abroad.

What to report?

Felm understands corruption as being the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. The definition applies to all action and practices that can either be defined as unethical or legislatively punishable malpractices (See: Felm Anti-corruption Policy and Procedures), either material, immaterial or service based. This definition also applies to various types of misuses, such as financial and sexual so as various unethical practices due to the bad/weak governance.

Felm is interested to receive information of all these suspected actions appeared either currently, previously or even in past.

The person doing the reporting is responsible for providing accurate information. It is forbidden to report by using someone else’s identification or otherwise providing information with unjustified motives. Reporting systems shall not be used for inappropriate purposes, for example to harm any organisation or individual.

How to report?

Reporting is recommendable to do through reporting formula placed below. In order to ensure more efficient and accountable investigation based on reports, it is recommendable to report by using personal names. It is also recommendable to use public computer when reporting in order to avoid the unintentional spread of confidential information. It is recommendable to provide as detailed information as possible.

What happens after reporting?

All information will be handled with high confidentiality. All reported information will be investigated. Reported data and evidence of the reported incident is being protected and is available only for those who need the information to carry out their duties. The reporter of the incident will be provided follow-up during the process of investigation. All personal information will remain confidential and will not be given to third parties. Further actions are taken based on investigation. Actions that are considered to endanger any parties’ health or life will not be taken.

Report on corruption or otherwise unethical practices »

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