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Felm Against Corruption

Good governance and high ethical standards

Felm Against Corruption acts as part of Felm’s anti-corruption work and supports it's risk management mechanism.

Whistleblowing Act (Act on the Protection of Persons Reporting on Breaches of European Union and National Law) requires the protection of whistleblowers. The Act is based on the EU’s Whistleblowing Directive. The Act provides a framework for reporting misconduct or illegal activity and what kind of protection is given to whistleblowers. Within the framework of the law, companies and organisations must establish an internal reporting channel for reporting if they have at least 50 employees.

The new Felm Complaints Channel in accordance with the Whistleblowing Directive is now open, aligning with the new Finnish and European Whistleblowing requirements. Accessing the new complaints channel is easy. Simply follow the link at the bottom of this page.

In compliance with the updated legislation, the complaints handling procedure mandates confidentiality, independence, and the possibility for two-way anonymous communication with the complainant. To ensure adherence to these standards, Felm has partnered with Takana Oy, a Finnish company with extensive experience on complaints handling.

All complaints will be channeled directly to Takana Oy, where a thorough complaint analysis will be conducted and presented to the Felm Complaints Committee for appropriate actions. All reports will be treated confidentially. Without the consent of the complainant, their identity will be encrypted during the processing and possible investigation so that it is known only to the handler and investigator. At Felm, every complaint is valued, treated seriously, and handled by skilled complaints handlers in accordance with the Core Humanitarian Standard requirements.

Report on corruption or otherwise unethical practices