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Nepal’s Haliya women are facing discrimination on multiple fronts

Imagine having to face discrimination everywhere you go: drinking water taps, public schools, and hospitals. This is the reality for Haliyas, Nepal’s freed bonded laborers, and particularly Haliya women – only because they are Dalits, so called low-caste people. According to a 2019 survey conducted by three organizations; Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Nepal, Campaign for … Continued

Freed Haliyas brace for economic self-reliance

(Below in Nepali) Becoming freed Haliyas was a dream come true for the ex-bonded laborers of Western Nepal who were forced to work as agricultural bonded labor for more than 100 years. In the aftermath of the Nepali government announcing the abolishment of the Haliya system all over Nepal on the 6thof September 2008, the … Continued

Freed Haliya Day: Let’s build a day of freedom

(Below in Nepali) 6th of September is celebrated as the Freed Haliya Day in Nepal. But not all people know who these freed Haliyas are. Why were they freed in the first place? And why is this day important? Haliya literally means “one who tills lands”. Traditionally, they were enslaved within a system of bonded … Continued

Environment education

In North Tanzania Felm is supporting PITA project, which aims at creating practical models of teaching environmental education through a so-called multidisciplinary approach, which means that environmental topics are taught through all compulsory subjects. We have 24 schools and about 11 000 students in them. In 2019, water was selected as the annual environmental topic. … Continued

Fruits, skills and income – Trees are changing lives in Kishapu, Tanzania

There are many people who benefit from Felm’s environmental work in Kishapu, Tanzania. Let us introduce you three of them. Mr. Kulwa Ngusa Mtomogoro, 44, is a married man with 9 children. Kulwa is a peasant practicing subsistence agriculture and livestock keeping. Before the project implemented by Tanganyika Christian Refugee Service (TCRS), his family was … Continued

National Dialogues Conference 12.6.2019

The second day of the National Dialogues Conference focused on peace tech: what kind of opportunities and risks does technology bring to peace work and national dialogues. Other discussion themes were reconciliation and psychosocial support; federalism;  the Yemeni national dialogue and the case of the Lake Chad Basin.

National Dialogues Conference 11.6.2019

The first day of the National Dialogues Conference 2019 focused on the theme of transforming conflicts in a complex world and how complexity affects national dialogues. Other themes that were discussed included: youth mobilising for peace, role of  national dialogue in Libya, national dialogues in Kenya,  truth and reconciliation commission in Somalia, land rights in … Continued