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Felm starts cooperation negotiations

The objective of Felm is to clarify the functions of the organization in order to adjust to the changes in the operational environment and weakened financial prospects.

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Felm plans to reorganize its activities due to the changes in the operational environment. As the measures will affect the personnel, Felm will have to arrange cooperation negotiations. The board of Felm has given the cooperation negotiation proposal to the personnel today, on 21 September 2023.  

Felm’s financial situation has been difficult for a long time which is behind the planned reorganization. In 2022 Felm´s economy was 2.32 million euros in deficit. In 2023 the operational expenses and personnel costs have increased but income prospects have not improved.  

The proposed reorganizations aim to focus the activities strategically and to create prerequisites to expand the funding base. The objective of Felm is to clarify the functions of the organization in order to adjust to the changes in the operational environment and weakened financial prospects. The long term goal is to increase the effectiveness of the Felm’s international work to strengthen the churches and to support the vulnerable people, and to ensure that the work related to the core mission of Felm can continue.  

The planned measures are related to i.a. focusing of the strategy and the international program, changing and lightening the organizational and management structure and reducing and changing partner cooperation and stakeholder activities. Also financial and other administrational operations are wished to be developed.   

The cooperation negotiations affect the whole personnel of Felm which is 176 employees. The need to terminate employment is at its maximum estimated to be 55 employees. 

The final workforce reductions can be less if new work tasks will be found. It is possible that the work duties of some employees can change essentially. A part of the measures would start soon after the end of the negotiations and after the decisions of the board of Felm regarding the measures negotiated. The last measures will be finalized by the end of the strategic period, 31 December 2028.  

”Our operational environment has been challenging for a long time due to e.g. the pandemic and the financial prospects of the parishes. The planned measures will enable the development of Felm as a missionary organization owned by the parishes. All Felm’s operations will jointly and holistically serve our core mission, the strategic guidance will focus on larger entities and the remaining country operations will be strengthened. At the same time, Felm aims to improve its viability by developing cooperation with the parishes, making procurements more efficient, developing fundraising and evaluating critically its fixed expenses”, says Pauliina Parhiala, the executive director of Felm.   

”I trust that our Heavenly Father knows our situation and we are not alone in this difficult situation. I believe that we will gain good negotiation athmosphere with the personnel. The reorganizations and other measures will secure Felm´s work also in the future. Our work will be based on our values and mission also in the future, it will be effective and meaningful. I ask our supporters to pray for the work, partners and employees of Felm”, says the chair of Felm’s board, bishop Simo Peura.