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National Dialogues Conference 12.6.2019

The second day of the National Dialogues Conference focused on peace tech: what kind of opportunities and risks does technology bring to peace work and national dialogues. Other discussion themes were reconciliation and psychosocial support; federalism;  the Yemeni national dialogue and the case of the Lake Chad Basin.

National Dialogues Conference 11.6.2019

The first day of the National Dialogues Conference 2019 focused on the theme of transforming conflicts in a complex world and how complexity affects national dialogues. Other themes that were discussed included: youth mobilising for peace, role of  national dialogue in Libya, national dialogues in Kenya,  truth and reconciliation commission in Somalia, land rights in … Continued

Top experts gather to an international conference in Helsinki – How to harness technology for building peace?

The fourth Conference on National Dialogues will bring together peace work stakeholders and experts in peace processes in Helsinki on 11 and 12 June. The two-day conference will discuss ways of using technology in peacebuilding and examine potential risks for peace processes arising from technology. Attention will also be paid to the complex nature of … Continued